Boscobel :    Just  11 miles 
South on Hwy 61.Turn left onto 9th St. - one block east, it is on the left side 
(a 12 - 15 minute drive).
P rairie Du Chien  :  Travel Hwy. 18 to Fennimore 29 miles southeast.  Turn right on Hwy 61.  Turn left onto 9th St. - one block east, it is on the left side.
A 30 - 35 minute scenic drive.

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Canterbury Garden, LLC is located at 1080 9th St., in the southwest area of Fennimore, WI.    
If you find yourself driving in this area, it is so worth the stop.  We thrive on pampering ...
     Lancaster :   Just  10 miles  North on 
     Hwy 61.  Turn right onto 9th St., - one 
     block east, it is on the left side 
     (a 10 - 15 min drive).
Madison :  72 miles
Travel Hwy 18/151 towards Dodge-ville  42 miles southwest.  From Dodgeville 30 miles west - see Dodgeville directions.
Dubuque, Iowa :  48 miles
Travel Hwy 61 to Lancaster 38 miles North.  Turn right onto road 129 (short cut) , then turn right back onto 61.  Travel 10 miles North, turn right onto 9th St. east.
     Dodgeville :  Travel Hwy. 18  West to
     Fennimore.  Turn right on Jefferson
     Street.  At the third block, turn right
     on 9th Street - you have arrived.
     Just a 30 mile, straight road trip 
     from Dodgeville.